Friday, May 29, 2015


Portrait study

I tried to apply here what I've learned in the last few weeks about lighting, value, color temperature and saturation. I'm not quite happy with the temperature tho, I wish she would pop out more.

Studies on lighting

I tried to turn a skull into a ball shape to practice texture an lighting.

In this image I studied how different materials react to light. I tried to create a situation with a warm key light and a cool fill light and focused on the three basic areas: light - core shadow - cast shadow. Then I painted in the fill light and bounce light. Finally the highlight, which should not be overdone .

Materials: matte surface, chrome, deep paint (like billard ball), amber, skin and cream. Amber was fun to paint since the light travels through the surface and is visible on the bottom of the ball. It also casts light into the cast shadow area.

Master Studies

My first study is a copy from an N.C. Wyeth illustration. The original image is absolutely stunning! The strong silhouette of the native against the background looks simply amazing, the shapes and values are perfectly organized... The color palette is very limited and almost grayish (is there a similarity to Anders Zorn?). This really pushes the reds to pop out. I totally love Wyeth's work for that.

My second study is just about local colors, it's not a full study. Done from a painting by Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant, whom I just dicovered recently. For the first time I used the lasso tool for drawing. It's quite fun actually.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Value Studies

Master Studies (Carl Spitzweg, Frank Schoonover):

Film Studies (Night of the Hunter, Badlands):

Studies from Imagination: